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  • Please teach my son and me!!!

    Kanagawa English General
    miku, Female, 37 years old  Apr/06/2023

    Tsunashima (Tokyu-Toyoko Line), Nippa (Yokohama Subway-Blue Line)

    2,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    My son goes to an international school. He is grade 1. We are looking for a teacher to help him with his homework support, school lessons support, and English conversation (speaking and listening)!
    The location can be at a cafe or at home. 17:00-18:00 from Tuesday to Friday
    all time ok on Saturdays and Sundays.
    I would like to have lessons about four times a week.

    I can speak simple English. I would like English conversation.
    I would like to have a lesson on a different day than my son.
    Tuesday 9:00~15:00
    Thursday 9:00~15:00,
    Saturday and Sunday all time OK

    Thank you.

  • NO special purpose. Just I would like to speak English.

    Kanagawa English General
    Chuck, Male, 62 years old  Jan/25/2023

    Musashi-Kosugi (JR-Nambu Line), Noborito (JR-Nambu Line), Musashi-Mizonokuchi (JR-Nambu Line)

    5,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person




    NO special purpose. Just I would like to speak English.
    I have been in NY 20 yrars ago, for 2 years.
    I am almost forgetting English conversation.
    May be English conversation is already not necessary for me,
    But I would like to speak English. NO special purpose.

  • Looking for a native Catalan teacher

    Kanagawa Spanish Learning as a hobby
    waterofaugust, Male, 56 years old  Nov/10/2022

    Sakuragicho (JR-Keihintohoku Line), Kannai (JR-Keihintohoku Line), Hinodecho (Keikyu-Main Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Japanese mail inquiry OK


    Hola. Ahora estoy buscando a un(a) español(a) preferiblemente desde Cataluña, que me pueda enseñar el catalán. Soy traductor de castellano e inglés y tengo 56 años, y ahora tengo intención de dominar el catalán. Ya desde hace unos años estoy estudiando esta lengua y creo que tengo conocimientos básicos sobre ella. Quisiera empezar a profundizar mis conocimientos sobre el catalán charlando y conversando con una persona nativa una vez cada mes. Muchas gracias.

  • I am looking for a German teacher.

    Kanagawa German General
    Kazu, Male, 35 years old  Jun/28/2022

    Ofuna (JR-Negishi Line)

    5,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    My name is Kazuhiro Abe.
    I have lots of opportunity to go to Germany because of my job but I have never learned German and have felt some inconvenience to communicate German companies.
    So now I would like to learn German from beginning.
    I have been in US for 5 years so I do not have problem to communicate in English.
    Please contact me if you are able to teach German.