"Enjoy Lesson" is a site which matches language teachers and students. We also match translators and proofreaders with clients.

Teaching jobs in Japan. English, French, German etc.

"Enjoy Lesson" is a site which matches English teachers (and teachers of any other language) and students / clients in Japan.

  • English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Javanese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai, Hindi, Arabic, Persian

Many students visit our site and search teachers' profiles everyday.

  • Statistics: More than 30,000 students search for teachers every month. (As of Feb 2011)
What you can do using Enjoy Lesson

You can teach as follows:


  • You can get paid using our "Point service" in cases where you cannot meet with students / clients.

Enjoy Lesson services

Enjoy Lesson services

Profile disclosure service

After joining us, you can register your profile and disclose it to students on "Enjoy Lesson" web site.


  • *No cost required for teachers to use our "Profile disclosure service".
  • *Your contact information will not be on your profile.

For details of this service, click here.

Introduction service

Teachers will receive "Contact information disclosure" requests from students after they see teachers' profiles.
You can choose which contact information to disclose every time a student requests your contact information.


  • *Students who use our "Introduction service" (Paid service) are able to make "Contact information disclosure" requests to teachers at any time.
  • *No cost required for teachers to use our "Introduction service".

For details of this service, click here.

Notice board service (Students looking for teachers)

Students can post their requirements regarding lessons, proofreading or translation by using our "Notice board service".
Teachers can see the notices on the notice board, and send messages to the students.
If you receive replies from students, please negotiate with them.


  • Teachers who haven't disclosed their profiles are NOT able to send messages to students.

For details of this service, click here.

Messaging service

Students and teachers are able to exchange messages by using our "Messaging service".
Students make inquiries about lessons and negotiate lesson conditions and prices with teachers through this messaging service.
If you receive messages from students, please reply to them promptly.

  • *Please do not include contact information in the message.
    You can disclose your contact information to students only after you receive "Contact information disclosure" requests from them.
  • *Students are able to send messages to teachers before applying for our "Introduction service" (Paid service).
  • *No cost required for teachers to use our "Messaging service".

For details of this service, click here.

Point service

Teachers are able to get paid by students using our "Point service" in cases where they can not meet with the students.
Received points can cashed-in to Japan Post Bank (Postal Savings) or other Japanese bank accounts.
Please note that charges are incurred when cashing-in points. For details, please see "Charges incurred when cashing-in points".

For details of this service, click here.

How to use our services

Join us

Member registration required to use our service.

See "User Guide" about how to register.

Register now

Register profile

Register your name, address, contact information and lesson information etc.
You can register your photos, original lesson courses etc. if you want.

See "User Guide" about profile registration

Mobile mail notification setup

You can receive notification mail on your mobile phone if you want.
We strongly recommend that you setup mobile mail notification if you don't check your e-mail everyday.

See "User Guide" about mobile notification set up

Submit ID documents

If you send us proof of identity, we will highlight it in your profile: "ID proof received!!"
Note: Teachers who have submitted ID document are more likely to be selected by students than teachers who haven't.

See "User Guide" about submitting ID document

Check notice board
(Students looking for teachers)

Students can post notices on the Notice board,
You can respond to any notices by sending messages to students.

See "User Guide" about how to see notice board
and send messages

Awaiting students' contact

You will receive inquiries about your lesson from students after they check your profile.
Please reply to the inquiries promptly and negotiate lesson conditions with the students through our "Messaging service".

See "User Guide" about receiving contact from students

Disclose contact information

You will receive "Contact information disclosure" requests from students after negotiating with them.
Note: Contact information disclosure to students is not automatic. You must disclose it to each student individually.

See "User Guide" about disclosing contact information

Negotiation with students

Make an appointment for a trial lesson, or negotiate about proofreading or translation with students or clients by e-mail or phone.

See "User Guide" about negotiation and starting lesson

Do lessons / proofreading etc.

If you do lessons at café etc. , please get paid directly from students after each lesson.

If you do Online lessons , or Proofreading / translation via e-mail, FAX or Live chat , please get paid using our " Point service ".

See "User Guide" about receiving points from students

See "User Guide" about cashing-in points


Payment change
New service released: Notice board (Students looking for teachers)
Some important service changes and new service releases.
New function released: Students can make an inquiry to selected teachers.
New Function released: Bump your profile using mobile phone.
New Function released: Mobile mail notification
About your contact information
and are shown on the search results
New function released: Register courses
New function released: Upload multiple photos
New function released. Now you can see your disclosed profile image in English.
We can now receive identity document digital copies by mobile phone e-mail.
"Enjoy Lesson" service release


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