Students looking for language teachers

  • English conversation lesson

    Tokyo English General
    1970, Male, 49 years old  Jul/10/2020

    Akasaka-mitsuke (Metro-Ginza Line), Roppongi (Metro-Hibiya Line), Jiyugaoka (Tokyu-Toyoko Line)

    5,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Female, Japanese ability (Fluent)


    I would like an English lesson.

    Lesson days: Weekday nights or weekends
    Place: Akasaka, Akasaka Mitsuke, Roppongi
    Price: 3000 yen to 5000 yen
    Age: 50 years old
    TOEIC score: 650

    Thank you

  • I hope for a lesson for two hours from 7:00 p.m. on July 14.

    Osaka English Learning as a hobby
    Maki, Female, 48 years old  Jul/09/2020

    Tennoji (Osaka Subway-Midosuji Line), Tennoji (JR-Osaka Loop Line), Tennoji (Osaka Subway-Tanimachi Line)

    3,500 Yen (per hour)

    1 person




    July 14th. It is two hours from 7:00 p.m.
    The place wants to take a lesson in a cafe of Tennoji (Abeno).

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • I am looking for an Austrian teacher

    Tokyo German General
    Eiko, Female, 49 years old  Jul/09/2020

    Tokyo (JR-Yamanote Line), Shinjuku (JR-Saikyo Line)

    2,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    I have been studying German for about two months now.
    I want to be able to talk casually with locals when traveling to Austria,

  • Daily conversation and free talk

    Osaka English General
    akio, Male, 33 years old  Jul/07/2020

    Namba (Osaka Subway-Midosuji Line), Namba (Osaka Subway-Yotsubashi Line), Namba (Nankai-Nankai Line)

    1,500 Yen (per hour)

    1 person




    I am looking for a English teacher.

    .Lesson type: private

    .Lesson contents: conversation

    .Lesson frequency: once a week

    .Lesson place: Cafe or somewhere you recommend

    .Lesson schedule (Day and time):
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (early morning or evening)

    .Teacher's transportation cost: Paid by teacher

    .Cafe costs if used: Student and teacher pay their own cafe costs.

    I am a graduate school student.
    I would like to train daily conversation and free talk skill.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Korean Lessons in English

    Tokyo Korean Learning as a hobby
    Mia, Female, 21 years old  Jul/07/2020

    Nogata (Seibu-Shinjuku Line), Takadanobaba (JR-Yamanote Line)

    2,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Female, Japanese ability (Conversational)


    I'm looking for a teacher who provides Korean lessons in English. I can speak daily Japanese, but it is not that good so I think learning in English will help me absorb better.

    Below are my requirements. If there is anything you want to negotiate, please feel free to send me a message.

    1. Nationality: Korean

    2. Schedule: 2 lessons/month (4 lessons in August)

    3. Fee: 2000 yen/ hour

    4. Station: Takadanobaba, Nogata, or any station between Takadanobaba and Nogata.

    5. Meeting place: Coffee shop

    I'm waiting for your messages :) Thank you!


  • Looking for baby sitter for my 1 year old baby

    Osaka English General
    marumaru, Male, 36 years old  Jul/06/2020

    Tanimachi9-chome (Osaka Subway-Tanimachi Line)

    1,500 Yen (per hour)

    1 person




    I live in Tennoji-ku Osaka.

    I'm looking for a babysitter/helper for my 1 year baby and 5 years son


    ・Language: ENGLISH

    ・frequency: 5 - 7 / week negotiable

    ・time 7:30 - 21:00 negotiable

    ・price negotiable (part time / full time)

    ・long term (few years) not short-term resident

    Job description

    ・take care of baby (change diaper)

    ・ play with my 5years son

    ・send my son to school

    Hiring process

    ・contact - interview- start with short time - long term

    Feel free to send me message

    Looking forward to seeing you

  • Please become a friend with my 3 years old boy!

    Okayama English General
    kaya, Female, 37 years old  Jun/29/2020

    Higashi-Okayama (JR-Ako Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Japanese ability (Conversational), Japanese mail inquiry OK


    I'm looking for an English teacher for my 3 years old boy.

    1:Lesson schedule
    ・Once a week, For an hour to 90min.
    ・Weekdays afternoon (after 15:00 )
    ・At home/We can also go to a designated place.
    ・ I will send you back home if you want.
    ・My son can speak simple English sentences and sing some English songs.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  • looking for teachers in Ustunomiya

    Tochigi English General
    Haruki, Male, 44 years old  Jun/29/2020

    Utsunomiya (JR-Tohoku Line (Ueno~Morioka)), Tobu-Utsunomiya (Tobu-Utsunomiya Line), Minami-Utsunomiya (Tobu-Utsunomiya Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    Hello. I am looking for a teacher to take private English,Russian,Chinese lessons. I can meet up with you at cafe or restaurant during the daytime on weekdays. I will pay for the drink.

  • classroom English

    Miyagi English General
    naru, Female, 33 years old  Jun/28/2020

    Sendai (Sendai City Subway)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Japanese ability (Limited)


    I am a Elementary school teacher.
    Looking for my English teacher.

    ・Once a week Saturday or Sunday
    ・At my house(nearest station KAWAUCHI)
    ・Classroom English and dairy conversation

  • want english listening online

    Online English General
    muscle0006, Male, 53 years old  Jun/27/2020


    2,000 points (per hour)

    1 person



    i want to english listening practice mainly.

    I want to watch an American movie without subtitles in the near future.