Students looking for language teachers

  • wanna improve my English.

    Tokyo English General
    Ben, Male, 30 years old  Feb/17/2019

    Nippori (JR-Yamanote Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    *Not only at just ask.*

    Hello,I’m a Samurai live in East Tokyo.
    I’ve been studying English by myself.
    And I want to improve my English.
    Even slang and swear words if you don't mind.
    I want to enjoy and study.
    So if you are interested in teaching me, please contact me.
    Thank you for your attention.

  • I want to speak English.

    Shizuoka English General
    satoshi, Male, 28 years old  Feb/16/2019

    Atami (JR-Tokaido Line)

    2,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    I'm Satoshi.
    I'd like to travel the world.
    But I'm not used to speaking and listening English.
    So I'm looking for English teacher.

    Please contact me anytime.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Looking for a good Teacher !! ( face to face teacher only )

    Tokyo English General
    PickyEater, Male, 59 years old  Feb/16/2019

    Korakuen (Metro-Marunouchi Line), Shinjuku (JR-Yamanote Line), Ochanomizu (JR-Chuo Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person




    Hello !
    I am looking for good female teachers (only face to face lessons).
    Would you like:
    1 To teach the language, English, French, Taiwanese or Cantonese.
    2 To talk about various subjects, for example, travel, literature, math, education, chemistry, and a view of life, in English.
    3 To check and rewrite my English writing ( sometimes scientific or medical reports ).

    Once or twice a week.
    Fee (3000~ JPY), depends on the contents of lessons or teacher's skill.
    @public spaces, or others (depends on teachers) in the Shinjuku, Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Suidobashi area, or others.
    Weekdays' evening or early night.

    Sorry, no thank you for an online teacher.

    Please feel free to contact me,
    Thank you.

  • I'm looking for english teacher

    Tokyo English General
    Masa, Male, 27 years old  Feb/15/2019

    Shin-Koiwa (JR-Sobu Line), Akihabara (JR-Yamanote Line), Ikebukuro (JR-Yamanote Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    I'm looking for English teacher who love music.
    I compose music and write lyric.
    so I'm looking for someone who check my lyric and my english.

  • Every child deserves a fair chance in life.

    Osaka English General
    toto, Male, 49 years old  Feb/15/2019

    Osaka (JR-Osaka Loop Line), Tennoji (JR-Osaka Loop Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Japanese ability (Conversational)


    I want to learn the customs of various countries and touch on the sensitivity of various people. And I want to reach out to the troubled children in various countries including Japan, with that experience and my skills.

  • Looking for English teacher for my family

    Kanagawa English General
    Tetsuru, Male, 38 years old  Feb/14/2019

    Kawasaki (JR-Keihintohoku Line), Tsurumi (JR-Keihintohoku Line), Tsunashima (Tokyu-Toyoko Line)

    3,500 Yen (per hour)

    3 people



    I am looking for English teacher for my family at my home.
    Please see my family as below,
    Wife: 36 years old
    Son: 7 years old
    Daughter: 4 years old

    I can speak English business level.

    If you worry about to lesson at my home, I can meet you around Kawasaki, Tsurumi or Tsunashima station and introduce my family.

    Please let me know whether you agree to these conditions.

    1.Language: [English]

    2.Lesson type: [Group lesson for my family at my home]

    3.Lesson contents: [For kids, biginner]

    4.Current language level: [Real biginner]

    5.Lesson frequency: [Once a week]

    6.Lesson length and price: [3500yen per year]

    7.Lesson place: [My home]

    8.Nearest station of the lesson place: [Kawasaki, Tsurumi, Tsunashima. and need taking bus from these station]

    9.Lesson schedule (Day and time): [Saturday morning]

    I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  • I want to study English in Germany this summer.

    Tokyo English General
    Yuki, Male, 20 years old  Feb/14/2019

    Ikebukuro (JR-Yamanote Line)

    2,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    I am the second year of a university student, and majoring pharmaceutical science. To improve my skill as a scientist and English skill, I applied to a program that I can go Germany and belong to the University lab for 6 months in this summer. So, I have to take English speaking test. Please help me improve my speaking skills to pass the test and to prepare for the days is Germany.

  • I am looking for English teacher

    Tokyo English General
    topysan, Female, 51 years old  Feb/13/2019

    Minami-sunamachi (Metro-Tozai Line), Toyocho (Metro-Tozai Line), Nihombashi (Metro-Tozai Line)

    2,500 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    I am looking for English teacher.

    My hope of the fee is 2,500 yen
    and hope for a station along Tozai Line.

  • English teachers wanted!

    Osaka English General
    345, Female, 34 years old  Feb/14/2019

    Mino-O (Hankyu-Mino Line), Makiochi (Hankyu-Mino Line)

    1,500 Yen (per hour)

    1 person




    ASAP native English teachers needed to teach children’s classes in Mino.

  • Finding Engilish teacher nearby Shinjuku

    Tokyo English General
    mu, Male, 27 years old  Feb/11/2019

    Yoyogi (JR-Yamanote Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    Hi,Im male 27 years old.
    Im finding my English teacher.
    I wish I can take the lesson nearby Shinjuku or Yoyogi station.
    Please Feel free to give me a message.