Students looking for language teachers

  • Please teach English to my 5 years son

    Online English General
    Shige, Male, 40 years old  Apr/09/2021


    2,500 points (per hour)

    1 person


    Female, Japanese ability (Limited)


    My family will start stationing in U.S from this June for my job.
    Before we move to the U.S. my 5 years old son need to practice English.
    He has lived in the U.S. 3 years, and have limited level of English skill.
    Since we have limited time before we go there, we would have short term English lesson Mon to Fri, one hour per a day, and until early to middle of this June.

  • MON~THU 18:30~, At Shibakoen or Mita station

    Tokyo English Business
    jang, Male, 29 years old  Apr/08/2021

    Shibakoen (Toei Subway-Mita Line), Mita (Toei Subway-Mita Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Female, Japanese ability (Fluent)


    MON~THU 18:30~, At Shibakoen or Mita station

  • Please teach me

    Tokyo English General
    yossy, Male, 28 years old  Apr/08/2021

    Ebisu (JR-Yamanote Line), Hiro-o (Metro-Hibiya Line)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    I am looking for a teacher who can teach me daily conversation and a brief medical interview.

    1.Language: English

    2.Lesson type: Private

    3.Lesson contents: Business conversation (Medical)
    I’m a doctor. I want like to learn English conversations and simple medical interviews.

    4.Current language level: Beginner

    5.Lesson frequency: Every 2 weeks

    6.Lesson length and price:
    30-60 minutes lesson

    7.Lesson place: Cafe / Coffee shop

    8.Nearest station of the lesson place:
    Hiroo station on Hibiya Line
    Ebisu station on Yamanote Line

    9.Lesson schedule (Day and time):
    1st choice:week day 18:00-22:00
    2nd choice:Holiday 12:00-22:00

    10.Teacher's transportation cost:
    Please let me know the transportation cost I have to pay.

    11.Cafe costs if used:
    Student pays teacher's cafe cost.

    12.Inquiry, comment etc.:
    I’m not good at English. Please teach me me from the basics.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  • English lesson for my son 5 years old

    Saitama English General
    yoshii, Female, 36 years old  Apr/06/2021

    Wakoshi (Tobu-Tojo Line), Wakoshi (Metro-Yurakucho Line), Wakoshi (Metro-Fukutoshin Line)

    2,500 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Japanese ability (Conversational)


    My son is 5 years old.

    He has a very gentle personality and he likes to play with dinosaur toys.

    He took private lessons at home for half a year, but he doesn't speak English. Basically my son speaks Japanese and the teacher responds in English.
    Therefore, it is necessary for the teacher to understand the Japanese language.

    I want him to have fun learning English while playing.
    Basically take lessons at his home. Perhaps the place may be moved to a park or the like.

    *Train fee is included.
    *The price is negociatable.
    *The lesson will be on weekend morning.

    I am looking forward to seeing you!!

  • Ich suche eine(n) Deutschlehrer(in) für A2 Niveau

    Tokyo German General
    Nat, Female, 26 years old  Apr/06/2021

    Kita-Senju (Tsukuba Express), Asakusa (Tsukuba Express), Akihabara (Tsukuba Express)

    3,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    NOT ONLINE please

    I'm looking for a German teacher who can teach me in person. I studied some in Basel, Switzerland, and have text books. My comprehension and writing (with dictionary) are relatively good, but I cannot really speak.
    As I speak fluent English (C1~2, lived in the UK) Japanese skill is not required.

    I love talking about culture, history and art. Preferably someone who has the same interests.

    I would like to start
    from the end of April / the beginning of May
    Somewhere in Tokyo / Chiba / Saitama

    I live in Nagareyama, Chiba
    No problem for me as long as it's accessible (less than 1 hour travel by train)
    TX (Tsukuba Express) and Tobu Urban Park Line are convenient for me

    Billiger ist besser, natürli xD

    Ich freue mich, bald von Ihnen zu hören!

    Danke vielmol,

  • Fun English Lesson for Kids(toddler)

    Online English Learning as a hobby
    Kumi, Female, 32 years old  Mar/31/2021


    1,500 points (per hour)

    1 person



    Hello teachers!!!
    Thank you for visiting this page.
    I'm looking for a person who can dance, sing with toddler and teach English.
    No required any dance skills. Just fine to do such as warming up activity like a Jump, Twist things.

    I'm looking for a person who
    ・love kids
    ・Positive Attitude/ Funny/ Enthusiastic/ bubbly person
    ・Attract kid's attention

    I can adjust the fee

    Online lesson or might be Tokyo area

    Whenever you are free
    Weekend might be better but we can adjust with your schedule.

    Please feel free to message me!!

  • Regular lessons (Private / Student's home or cafe)

    Tokyo English Learning as a hobby
    torikai0426, Male, 42 years old  Mar/30/2021

    Ikebukuro (JR-Yamanote Line), Ikebukuro (Metro-Marunouchi Line)

    2,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person



    looking for an english conversation teacher.
    I will adjust price, etc. as needed.

  • Please teach English to new eighth graders.

    Kyoto English Entrance exams
    midorinokagami, Male, 54 years old  Mar/29/2021

    Online (Skype) (Online, Phone, e-mail, FAX etc.)

    1,500 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Female, Japanese ability (Conversational)


    I'm looking for an online request, but I'm also looking for someone in Kyoto who is available for face-to-face classes
    The student is my daughter who is in the eighth grade.It does not mean that I want her to specialize in examinations. She watches American dramas with Japanese subtitles every day like a maniac, but since she doesn't like to study and rarely does it voluntarily, her grades are not good and are at the level before the entrance exam. She is also very active in sports, so it would be difficult for me to meet her somewhere every week for lessons. Also, my home is a long walk from Kitaoji Station. Since We also have a corona defense, We basically chose to go online.
    I am assuming 4 times a month within 100 minutes once a week or 8 times a month within 50 minutes twice a week. I assume that you will pay 10,000 yen per month.
    We can be online via Skype, Facebook messenger, line, or zoom. It would be great if we could have a face-to-face lesson once a month, including confirmation.
    If you choose a convenient location in the northern part of the urban area of Kyoto city, we can arrange a location for you.
    The extra charge for face-to-face lessons will be discussed with you.

  • Skype

    Online French Certificated qualifications and exams
    AI, Female, 34 years old  Mar/29/2021


    1,000 points (per hour)

    1 person




    Bonjour, enchantée.
    Je cherche quelqu'un pour enseigner le français.
    J'ai étudié le français à l'université, et je peux parler un peu de français.
    Je veux passer l'examen Delf.
    Mon niveau se situe approximativement entre A2 et B1.
    Je veux prendre les leçons via Skype.
    N'hésitez pas à me contacter.
    À très bientôt.

  • Could you please teach us business English?

    Ibaraki English Business
    Tomi, Female, 53 years old  Mar/24/2021

    Tsukuba (Tsukuba Express)

    6,000 Yen (per hour)

    1 person


    Japanese ability (Fluent)


    Our requests are as follow:
    2 times per 1 week, and for 3 months probably
    45 minites per 1 lesson
    At our office ( walk 10 minites from Tsukuba station )
    Business English Conversation ( not Toeic )